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How to speak English very well

Since colonialism era, English language have become popular language. Until now, this language have been used in all of the country in this world. Therefore, English have become very important. If you want to get a job or continue your study, you must have English skill. But, some of we all here just know about how to write English and how to read English literature. But, they can’t speak English with good pronunciation. In other words, They learn English with not completely.

Generally, English skill consist two points. They are active English and passive English. Active English overwhelmed speaking skill and pronunciation skill. Even though, passive English is skill which related with grammar and writing. Some of we all here, probably  just understand about the last, not with active English. Because English skill, especially active English is needed to your future, so, you must have completely skill in English. But, probably you feel difficult to speak English with good pronunciation. What must you do?

There are some tips for you, if you want to be a person who can speak English very well. First, you must often exercise your speaking skill. You can do that in front of mirror or probably you can ash your friend or your teacher to correct your performance. And the last, if you want to speak with good pronunciation, you must exercise your English pronunciation. You can see your Oxford or Longman dictionary and you must read it with pronunciation in every word. It will make you feel familiar with English pronunciation.

That is the tips which have been used by people who want to speak English very well. I hope you also. Get it a try!


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